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gvSIG Online: Custom geocoder

In the latest version of gvSIG Online, it’s possible to create custom geocoders from our own SHP layers. It allows to include place names that do not appear in the most common geocoders such as Nominatim or Google by default, … Continue reading

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GIS applied to Municipality Management: Module 8.1 ‘Creation of point layers from tables (Geocoding: Points from a table with addresses)’

The first video of the eighth module is now available, in which we will show how to create point layers from a table. In this first case we will speak about geocoding, creating a point shapefile from a table with … Continue reading

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Converting a table of addresses to a point layer using gvSIG 2.x

At this post we are going to see a new utility of the geopy library, where we’ll see how to convert a table with addresses to a point layer in gvSIG. The addresses will be searched in Google Maps, so … Continue reading

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Convierte una tabla con direcciones en una capa de puntos con gvSIG 2.x

En este post vamos a ver una nueva utilidad de utilizar de la librería geopy, donde veremos la forma de convertir una tabla con direcciones postales en una capa de puntos en gvSIG. Las direcciones se buscarán en Google Maps, … Continue reading

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