gvSIG Desktop 2.5.1: improvements related to advanced editing

In the recently published gvSIG Desktop 2.5.1, you can find a great number of novelties related directly or indirectly to editing tools, which, added to the existing tools, allow us to affirm that gvSIG is one of the most advanced applications for carrying out cartographic editing.

Here you can see the list of novelties related to editing tools:

Layer display

Options in the View menu and in the ToC context menu have been added to be able to send a layer to front or back quickly.

Select by rectangle

Possibility to select intersecting elements or contained elements, using “Shift” key.

Simple selection

Possibility to choose which elements we want to select from a list when several elements are selected with the simple selection tool at the same time (very useful when we have several geometries at the same coordinates).

Angle query

New tool that allows to measure the angle between two segments from both line and polygon layer.

Expression manager

About it you will find a post in the next days because it involves a lot of improvements by itself.

Alphanumeric data copy

Possibility to copy alphanumeric data from one geometry, and paste them into another one (including data from another table).

Geometries copy

Possibility to copy geometries on an insertion point, copying alphanumeric data too.

Point insertion

Possibility to use the points saved with the coordinate capture tool in the editing tools has been added.

Possibility to insert formulas when inserting points. It allows to insert points with relative coordinates, use saved points with the coordinate capture tool or work with polar coordinates.


New functionalities in the ‘insert circle’ tool have been added, from two tangent lines and a point, and from the tangents to two geometries and their radius


New functionalities in the ‘insert circumference’ tools have been added, from two tangent lines and a point, and from the tangents to two geometries and their radius


Possibility to insert arcs from the center and start and end points, and from three points (start, middle and end). Optional parameters have been added: radius, starting angle, sweep angle, and direction (CW and CCW).


Possibility to add ellipses from the center and the axies has been added.

Filled ellipse

Possibility to add filled ellipses from the center and the axies has been added.


Possibility to apply snapping to objects on active layers, not only on layers that we have indicated in the properties of the View.

Parallel geometry

Possibility to enter the distance value graphically by measuring on the View, to select the side on which we want to make the parallel geometry graphically when the distance has been entered by value and multiple parallel (several parallels at the same distance) has been added.

At the latest International gvSIG Conference there was a presentation where these novelties about advanced editing tools were shown:

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