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Learning GIS with Game of Thrones (X): Legends

Today we are going to learn about how to change the symbology of a layer, reviewing different types of legends that are available in gvSIG Desktop. The symbology is one of the most important properties of a layer. gvSIG includes … Continue reading

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How to solve the problem about label and symbol size when exporting to PDF file in gvSIG

When we create a layout in gvSIG, and we export it to PDF format or we print it, we sometimes can see that labels that we had added to the different elements of the map appear in a different size … Continue reading

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New extension: Create legends by scale

English translation of the article by Álvaro Anguix. We carry on moving towards gvSIG 2.2 with a new add-on that allows working with legends by scale (also with labels, but we’ll see that in another post). The plugin is called … Continue reading

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Simbología para navegación marítima

Seguimos caminando (y navegando) hacia gvSIG 2.2. Hoy os presentamos una nueva biblioteca de símbolos que permitirá tener disponibles en gvSIG los símbolos más utilizados de navegación marítima. Para su elaboración nos hemos basado en la simbología utilizada por IHO … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: Military symbology

Another of the (many) new features which can be found in the new gvSIG version is the library called “Military-APP6” with the symbol library being defined by the standard establishing the rules and requirements to develop and display joint military … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: Transportation symbol library (AIGA)

In gvSIG 2.1 we can install (among the available symbol libraries) the library called AIGA. AIGA is the acronym for American Institute of Graphic Arts. AIGA is known for its activities related to technical design, in particular with the creation of … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: symbol library of geology

In gvSIG 2.1 users will find a new set of symbol libraries completing further the wide range of existing symbols. One of these new symbol libraries is related to geology. This library includes mainly 2 sets of symbols. On the … Continue reading

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