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I’ve used twitter and facebook for a while more or less mixing personal and professional stuff because, well, I don’t want to deal with «where to write things», I have enough with all blogs I write for. Some time ago I created a gvSIG account for twitter and and later a facebook fan page. The most succesful one by far is twitter with almost 200 followers.

I tried to reproduce the way I work with my own accounts (also with Prodevelop stuff) obviously with the reasonable differences that «official» media requires. Propagating the information gvSIG produces over those services is a challenge, you have to try to not annoy people with not interesting posts but also showing as much as you can the amazing work all the gvSIG team does everyday.

Next image shows the several information sources. We’re using now as a central way to spread the data in two configurations: one for the main sources  (black arrows) and another one to post the microblogging posts that me and others write on gvSIG twitter account (blue arrows).

There are several sources: we mainly use (Plone powered) as our central repository of documentation, translation and collaboration.  We are using also Plone for the gvSIG Association portal. Nabble is one of the archiving services, probably the most popular one. Lastly the newcomers are this blog, hosted on and the new kid on the block is the recently announced gvSIG Case Studies website, at Drupal Gardens hosting service. Those last two sources are deployed at external services but as they are built on open source software (WordPress and Drupal) so we have the possibility of moving them to a hosted version if we have any problem. This approach relaxes our IT team efforts (as they have a lot of work with our main Plone instance).

A lot of people say that this is Community Management stuff, so am I the gvSIG community manager? No. This is NOT community management, this is just information piping and some (micro)bloggae. Victoria Agazzi is our Community Manager and her work is by far more difficult than that. She is responsible of engage and help to build real new communities for the gvSIG project as she explained some time ago

So well, in my opinion, this (a little bit egocentric) work helps to spread the word about what all the gvSIG team is trying to do: create a solid community of users and developers around the world.

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