Towards gvSIG 2.3: Reproject 2D View into a 3D View

In the next coming release of gvSIG 2.3, several improvements (and very striking) related to 3D views will be provided. One of the most important one will be the possibility to reproject a 2D view 3D view.

In gvSIG 2.2 3D Views can be applied only to 2D Views in EPSG: 4326. This constraint will disappear in the next version, and user can work on any projection without limitation in the use of 3D Views.

Here it is the video where this new function is shown:

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7 Responses to Towards gvSIG 2.3: Reproject 2D View into a 3D View

  1. BARRET says:

    Thanks for this presentation …

    In how many time, we can try all this wonderful news …. for instance we only have gvsig 2.3 RC1 ?
    Thanks for the reply … and perhaps a date or a link … to try !!

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