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GIS applied to Municipality Management: Module 11 ‘Reprojecting vector layers’

The video of the eleventh module is now available, in which we will show how to reproject vector layers. Sometimes municipalities need external geographic information to work, for example cartography published by another administration, such as regional or national. That … Continue reading

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Reprojection with transformation has been fixed for gvSIG 2.3.1

GDAL was included in gvSIG 2.3.1 version as library for raster information accessing and projections, which added new formats to be loaded in gvSIG too, both vector and raster ones. Including this library for projections, the reprojection using transformation, including … Continue reading

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Towards gvSIG 2.3: Reproject 2D View into a 3D View

In the next coming release of gvSIG 2.3, several improvements (and very striking) related to 3D views will be provided. One of the most important one will be the possibility to reproject a 2D view 3D view. In gvSIG 2.2 3D Views can … Continue reading

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