Towards gvSIG 2.3: New OSM (OpenStreetMap) servers


In gvSIG 2.3 we find three new OSM servers, that are available thank to the Stamen team. One of them is “Stamen Terrain”, that has a more typical style, but  the “Stamen Watercolor” style, as well as the “Stamen Toner” one allow us to access to a representation of the worldwide cartography, with loud styles.

Besides these layers can be crossed with any other cartography, from files, databases, or Google and Bing Maps services, that are also included at this version.

And. of course, we can interact with the other tools, like for example -mentioning another gvSIG 2.3 novelty- Google Street View query.

Here you have a video where you can see these combinations, and we hope that you enjoy with this functionality.

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