Towards gvSIG 2.3: Bing Maps, Google Maps and Google Street View

Let’s have a look to a couple of new features that will be included in next release gvSIG 2.3.

Users will have access to data from Bing Maps and Google Maps, being able to select between different geographic information types they offer.

Although it can be assumed that everyone knows, Google Maps is a map service created by Google while Bing Maps is the equivalent one created by Microsoft.

Bing Maps allows data access in several modalities: street (road), satellite imagery (aerial) and labeled images. On the other hand, Google offers street (road), satellite, terrain and hybrid options.

Google Street View provides panoramic street-level (360-degree horizontal and 290-degrees vertical), allowing users to see sectors of the city according to selected coordinates.

You can have a look to this video that illustrate these new tools that will be shortly available in gvSIG:

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5 Responses to Towards gvSIG 2.3: Bing Maps, Google Maps and Google Street View

  1. rbrundritt says:

    Bing Maps also has streetview in its latest API’s.

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