4D in gvSIG Desktop, temporal data are arriving

We haven’t been able to wait and we have to show you one of the (many) things that we are working on: Temporal data in gvSIG Desktop.

At the videos that are linked from this post firstly you can see how we allocate the temporary ability to a shapefile (about crimes in London city) with a field that doesn’t contain dates (it’s an alphanumerical field). From that point we can consult the data in a determined moment or temporary range. And we also can generate animations at the same View.

At the second video, the utility of these tools can be seen better with a heatmap legend.

Do you understand that we haven’t been able to avoid showing you this new functionality?

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

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7 Responses to 4D in gvSIG Desktop, temporal data are arriving

  1. Omar dreza says:

    Great work… congratulations.

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  3. Very interesting plugins.
    I tried to use it, but not succeed 😦
    I installed it in 2.3.1-2501 portable version with the add-ons manager, enable Tools:Animation by time.
    But after I can’t activate it in script launcher, it’s not visible !
    Help will be welcome.
    And if there is a tuto somewhere it will be fine.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Mario says:

      Hi Denis, the plugin is still in development, and it has been tested on gvSIG 2.4. We’ll publish more information when the development is finished, including a tutorial and probably some more video.

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