4D in gvSIG Online. Geoportals with temporal data

The management of the geographic component of the information from a temporal point of view becomes increasingly necessary. That is why both in the last version of gvSIG Desktop and in gvSIG Online we have implemented the necessary tools to work with 4D

Examples of use such as consulting cadastral data at a certain date to check the boundaries between parcels or the visualization of incidents of any type registered between a range of dates, allow us to understand the importance of having this type of functions in our Spatial Data Infrastructure.

We show you a video about how to work with 4D in gvSIG Online. In this video you will see the simple steps to configure and activate the temporal visualization:

  1. We can see that there is a layer with date and date/time fields in the geoportal. We can use any of them.
  2. From the dashboard we activate the temporal parameter of the layer. We have several options, and in this case we select a simple option, marking a single date field. We could mark a field with start date and another with end date, for example,. In this case, it is also indicated that the data at a certain date is shown by default when the layer is visible.
  3. Once the temporal component is configured, we go to the geoportal and we can see that a fourth tab appears that allows us to activate the temporal parameter of the layer. When doing it, different options are displayed to visualize the data in a moment or range of dates determined by the user. In the video you will see how different queries are made.
  4. Finally, in the bottom of the dashboard we can see which layer and field are being used for the temporal visualization.

Easy, and more and more useful and necessary.

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