Plugin for gvSIG Desktop and gvSIG Mobile integration is now available

The plugin that allow us to integrate gvSIG Mobile and gvSIG Desktop is now available to be installed on gvSIG Desktop 2.4.

This plugin includes a new functionality that allows to generate the base cartography for gvSIG Mobile from a gvSIG Desktop View. In addition, we will be able to load a project made in gvSIG Mobile directly in gvSIG Desktop, including the elements created with a customized form, images, etc.

gvSIG Mobile is an application for data field gathering available in the Google Play Store.

To download this plugin on gvSIG Desktop you have to open the “Add-ons manager” (from “Tools” menu) and select the “Installation by URL” option, connecting to the URL by default. At the next window you will select “Mobile” option at the list at the left side, and you will mark the only plugin available. Then you will accept the rest of the windows (if you didn’t have the base plugin it will be installed too) and after finishing you must restart gvSIG so that the changes have an effect.

Once gvSIG Desktop is opened, you can access to the “HMachine” menu, where you will find the new submenu with all the options available, and a new tab will be available in the “Add layer” window to load a gvSIG Mobile project.

During the 3rd gvSIG Festival there will be a presentation where the gvSIG Mobile plugin for gvSIG Desktop will be shown. It will be available from the “Communications” section at the event website from March 23rd.

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