gvSIG at Google Summer of Code. GSoC 2019

Two students were selected to work with gvSIG Desktop on GSoC! Two of the seven proposals of the OSGeo Foundation.

The accepted proposals are related with the new topology framework:

  • Create of new topological rules in gvSIG desktop: The project consists of the creation of three new topological rules in the gvSIG desktop toolbox. These rules are ” Must be disjoint ”, “Must not have dangles” and “Must be larger than cluster tolerance” that will help to verify the integrity of the spatial informatio n, validate the representations and correct possible errors of the point, linear and poligonal geometries. Definitely, ensure the quality of geographic data with open source software.
  • New rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop: A new topology toolbox to gvSIG desktop. This tool will provide a group of integrity rules that will check the validation of the geometries relationship in the data. A new topology data model can be created for each project. This toolbox provide a new set of tools to navigate, find and fix validation errors different from each topology rule. Right now, there are just a few topology rules implemented with a limited actions. This project will analize, implement and optimize a new set of rules that will be incorporated to this framework. This tools can be created in Java or in Jython through the Scripting composer tool.

Congratulations to all selected students!

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  2. Verão says:

    This is very nice!

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