Towards gvSIG 2.5: Topology

Another important novelty of the next version of gvSIG Desktop is the incorporation of a topology framework.

The topology term refers to the spatial relationships between the different entities of a GIS. These special relationships turn into a set of rules (topological rules) that we can apply to our data. The topological rules that can be applied depend mainly on the types of data that we have. There are rules that are applied to polygon layers, point layers, line layers, to the relationship between a polygon layer and a point layer, etc.

gvSIG Desktop 2.5 will have a topology framework where we have already implemented a first set of rules, but it is prepared to grow unlimitedly, allowing as many new rules to be developed as necessary.

With this topology framework, gvSIG Desktop possibilities to edit and manage cartographic information are greatly increased.

At this video you can see its interface and how it works:


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