Towards gvSIG 2.5: Project backup

Many of the gvSIG Desktop users usually work saving their projects. These projects, for different reasons, may have errors and they are not saved or loaded correctly. To avoid this as much as possible, gvSIG Desktop 2.5 will automatically create backup of our projects.

Its operating way is very simple. Every time we save a project in a satisfactory way, gvSIG will create a copy of the same project join together with the original one with the same name but with different extension (.bak).

In case we have an error when saving a project, gvSIG will load the last backup of that project when detecting the error, and it will modify its name indicating the date on which the error was happened, marking that backup as the last valid copy of that project.

The numeric code that is added is the time code in which the error happened and in which the backup was renamed. It refers to the month, 02, the day, 05, and the time 12:34:59.

Once this happens, we will only have to access to the Open project option, selecting that we want a backup project type and open the desired copy.

The project will be opened in read mode, without the possibility of writing that backup to make sure we don’t delete it. If we want to save it to work in a regular way we should go to Save project as option and save it with another name. That backup, with the date code, will remain there as long as we don’t delete it manually. The new project that we save will generate an own backup file.

If you have question you can contact us as always in the mailing lists.

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