Learn GIS for free. Extra Module : GPS and Mobile GIS

Although “Learn GIS for free” course ended with the tenth module, today we offer you an extra module very interesting for those who are interested in using Mobile GIS to capture field data.

In this module you will know Geopaparazzi. It’s a tool developed to do fast qualitative technical and scientific surveys.

Note 1: We are working on a new version of gvSIG Mobile, based on Geopaparazzi and we hope to be able to give you news soon.

Note 2: It is also interesting that you know that there is a Geopaparazzi plugin in gvSIG Desktop that will be very useful for those who will work with these 2 applications of gvSIG Suite.

Extra 1. GPS System

Extra 2. GPS Survey

Extra 3. GPS to GIS

Enjoy and spread gvSIG Suite!

Giuliano Ramat made this course in the framework of a collaboration between the gvSIG Association and GISMAP.

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4 Responses to Learn GIS for free. Extra Module : GPS and Mobile GIS

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  2. Regasa Delesa says:

    It is good training!

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  4. Beekan Gurmessa says:


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