Learn GIS for free!

We are going to start to publish a series of videos that form a complete GIS course, using gvSIG Desktop for that. Together with these videos we will publish the data necessary to follow the exercises.

The course is recommended to everyone who hasn’t worked on GIS and want to introduce to this type of technologies, as well as users that have knowledge about it already and want to increase it.

The course is made on gvSIG 2.1 version, and currently the last version is gvSIG 2.3.1 (we are working on the new 2.4 version already). We recommend you to use the last version published because it will have all the functionalities of the previous versions… and several improvements too.

It’s usual to have doubts when you follow the course. If you want to solve them you can use the users mailing list, available at this link: http://www.gvsig.com/en/community/mailing-lists

We are starting with three introductory videos:

1.1 GIS data types and formats

1.2 The Spatial Reference System

1.3 gvSIG preferences setup


About Alvaro

General Manager of gvSIG Association
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6 Responses to Learn GIS for free!

  1. sielatchom ngalaha cedric elsy says:

    hello i’m from cameroon and i want to enroll for this course how may do to register

  2. elepu julius says:

    I would not want to miss this!

  3. Dina says:

    This is wonderful! Great job! Thank you!

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