Towards gvSIG 2.5: Saving export parameters and new functionalities

In the new gvSIG Desktop 2.5 we will have the option to save the export parameters of our exportations.

For certain types of projects we’ll usually make the same exportations: certain layer export to one folder, with certain name, certain projection, certain fields, etc. With this new functionality you’ll be able to save this parameters.

Two new functionalities:

  • History: save all the exportations that we made
  • Bookmarks: save the exportations that we want.


To use the historic panel you just have to export one layer, gvSIG will save this exportation and when you enter again to the export panel it will appear on the button on the top right of the panel.

The old exportations will appear actives if that parameters can be use in the selected exportation format. If we press one, when we navigate through the wizard panels they will be load with the selected parameters.


The bookmarks works similar to the historic. The only difference is that you are the one who have to add them. When a process is in the last panel, you can save that export parameters in the bookmark icon, “Add to bookmarks“.

When you save them, you are able to change its name, just select them, press Modify, change the name and press Accept

To load a bookmark just press over them in the Export Panel. The panel will load the parameters and select the exportation format.

You can manage this history  and bookmark pressing “Show all..”.


During the exportation, in the select file panel, pressing right click, you will be able to choose the option “Temporal layer path”. This will generate a formula that will save the layer in a unique temporal path. This is very useful for a quick exportations where you don’t worry about the path. If later you want to save the layer, you can repeat the exportation but choose a no temporal file path.

The exportation process also has a new Attribute selection panel. You will be able to change field name, choose if you want to export them, change its type or size.

This panel is very useful when we want export layers that has hundreds of fields.



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