Towards gvSIG 2.5: Improvements at geoprocessing framework

The gvSIG Desktop 2.5 version, that you can test with the new distribution candidate to final version, includes a series of improvements in the geoprocess framework that we explain below. 

Visual improvements

Now when opening the geoprocessing toolbox, you can see that extra information about the layers and fields appears at the interface.

At layer type parameters, you will be able to see the layer name, the name of the View in which it is, if it has an active selection and how many entities are selected. An icon will also appear indicating the type of geometry of the layer, or if it has a selection (with a background yellow circle).

At field type parameters, you can also see information about the type of field. and in the future you will be able to see an icon identifying that field.

Integration with the new plugin to capture coordinates

Last year we released a new extension to capture coordinates more effectively in the View. At the new version, the integration with the geoprocess framework has been completed, so that the points captured with that tool will appear at the selection of the Point type parameter.

New Filter type parameter

As we have told about and as we will explain in the next posts in detail, gvSIG has a new expression generator. In the geoprocessing framework this functionality has been added, so that new geoprocesses can have a new type of parameter that is expression type.

This parameter can greatly improve the execution of a geoprocess by a filter and it is also much more optimal to use than a selection done with the ‘Selection by attribute’ tool. It can greatly improve the processing of some geoprocesses.

This parameter, according to the geoprocess, could be used for values calculation tasks, filtering, etc.

The expression type parameter is associated to each layer or table type parameter, so that several of these parameters may exist in the same geoprocess. Each time we run the expression generator we will see that this window is associated with the corresponding initial parameter. Now you can start to test all these improvements at the new distribution candidate to final version and if you find any error we encourage you to write about it at the users mailing list. It will help us to fix them.


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